Sunday, January 22, 2012


 On the 22nd of every month I seem to think of our Fergus. His birthday was September 22. This sketch was from I think one of the last pictures of him. His neck and arms were shaved from intravenous and spinal taps but h e knew that was his tennis ball.  Actually I think of Fergus every day.  Ozzie has picked up some of his traits. When I whistle at night, Ozzie runs like the wind to come to me just like Fergus did. Ozzie curls up on my bent knees when I' m laying on the couch.  It's nice to have a little presence in the house.

  Ozzie however is his own personality.  This morning I was snugged up on the couch and Ozzie came and kissed me. I said, "Do you want breakfast?" He then grabbed my blanket and started to pull it off me. I think there's a little person in there!!!

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