Friday, January 13, 2012


10" x 5.50" watercolor on 300lb paper

Yes it's an older Painting. I'm working non stop on a way passed due project that needs to be finished this coming week for sure. It's hanging on me like a rock. (The guilt)
I did take lunch out with a fellow artist for 2 hours and stopped by GoodWill. I was standing holding this really fun tweed jacket and a woman at the counter who was having a tough time getting her items returned and new items processed, grabbed my jacket and bought it with her things so the amount was correct on her returned items. She then handed me the jacket and said Happy New Year!! A super fun thing!!!

I found a woman on etsy who remodels jackets to be funky and fun so I'm thinking that's where my new found gift will go. woohoo!!!

$100.00 shipping included  Thanks, Sheila

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