Sunday, January 29, 2012


   Oh my sweet girl!!!! The eye you are seeing has a growth that is on the inner upper eyelid. It will rub on the eye itself and it gets red and hurts. Saving for a removal but til then I give her drops and she's so good about getting them.  A former agility girl she does a perfect stand, stay.  While cleaning the garage yesterday I found a box of ribbons. We are very proud of them since she only did agility because I wanted too. She hated it and often showed her dislike while we were in the middle of a course. Some one on the side had a sandwich which she got a whiff of and she trotted right over to get a better sniff with me calling for her to come back on the course.  Another time she stopped dead in her tracks in the middle of doing the weave poles to really inspect a hole that had been left from a pole and not brushed over. I think though my very favorite day was when it was quite hot I started running straight with my arm out believing she was right with me, jump ,jump to jump then the table. She knew this and did it but today she was too hot and not interested. I turned to watch her saunter, slowly, to the first jump. "Sophie..JUMP". She stood there then, I swear I heard an oomph, got over, then ,slowly ,casually, walked to the next. Not wanting her to fail, we continued . The time whistle blew, but we carried on with me laughing hysterically and giving her tons of praise. She as doing it for me. The judge commended us on our attitude.

So today I did a bit more as you can see. Darkening and still working around to keep some light. More to do with that side til I'm content but will head on to the other side tomorrow then work side to side. I used a 6B, very soft, for the dark areas. I also cover my working area with a clean piece of paper since the soft pencul will smudge easily.

See you tomorrow. Sheila

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